Hi, I'm Jenna.

I am a wife and mother to two sweet, energetic boys. Becoming their mom allowed me to discover my calling: helping families adjust to life with a new baby. When we had our first son, my husband and I were blissfully unaware of how trying the first year would be. On top of that, I developed postpartum depression and anxiety. Looking back, I wish we had had a doula for the hands-on assistance and help with my mood. A postpartum doula would've been invaluable!

Because of my difficult experience with postpartum depression and anxiety, my personal mission is to help other new moms going through the same struggle. My professional background is in mental health as a social worker and registered nurse. Although I do not perform medical tasks or therapy as a doula, my work experience brings a unique benefit to you and your family in the form of health information, supportive listening, and a true desire to help others. 

In addition to snuggling babies I enjoy reading, kayaking, watercolor painting and going on adventures with my fun-loving family.