Postpartum Planning | Postpartum Coaching

Let's start with a Discovery Call.

Nice to meet you!

I offer a free of charge Discovery Call to discuss your family's needs and how I can be of assistance during your pregnancy and postpartum period. 

I like to get to know you, and for you to get to know me, to make sure we're a good match. You'll be trusting me during a really special, emotional time. 

It's important to me that you feel comfortable.

Postpartum Planning

Here's the plan, Mama.

Many women write birth plans to help guide their labor and delivery experience. Postpartum plans are a smart idea, too.

As a Type A personality, planning is my passion. 

(Yes, I'm a nerd.)

I'll coach you and your partner/spouse/support person in creating a comprehensive plan that will help you attain a more organized and rewarding fourth trimester. 

We'll discuss newborn care, helper responsibilities, physical healing, meals, sleep, feeding, household chores, visitors, mental health and additional topics you'll face as a new parent.

We'll cover all the bases to ensure you're as ready as you can be to welcome your little one.

The Wombsday Preppers Package

Postpartum Coaching

Let's do this together, Mama.

Having a baby is a big deal. You're responsible for a whole new human, one that can't explain to you what he or she needs in words. Couple this with sleep deprivation, hormone fluctuations, and physical discomfort - it's a lot!

New motherhood can feel lonely and isolating. You may feel like you've lost who you are as a person because of your new role. A traumatic birth or perinatal mood disorder may complicate the healing process even further. 

I know it's hard. And overwhelming. And exhausting. And joyful, too. I'll walk beside you during your 4th trimester. You'll come out the other side feeling more supported, confident, and ready to rock this motherhood thing.

The 40 Days Package

The 4th Trimester Package

The Bespoke Package